Explore Venice – The Italian City Of Wonders

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Whether you’re known among your friends as a first-class traveller, or you’re just looking for a perfect place for your annual vacation, Venice is sure to be a perfect choice. Otherwise known as “The Floating City”, this city has always been a top choice among many other popular tourist destinations. Here are some of the things you can do while in Venice and some places you should visit on your trip.

Sightseeing from a Gondola

Since Venice is famous for its many canals, it would be such a shame not to go on a ride on one of these beauties. It gives you a different perspective and view of this beautiful city and its famous architecture. Most of the hotels have their piers, so it should not be too hard to find a Gondola for your trip around Venice. The fact that Venice has over 150 canals, so your ride through Venice on the water is not to be a short one.

My good mate Aaron was on holidays in Venice last year. We explained to me how sophisticate these channels are. He is not a marine engineer but he knows one or to things about boats. He works as a Plasterer in Lake Macquarie so every time he has free time, he is always on the boat.…

Venice – the Island of wonders

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Venice has always been off of the most popular tourist destinations. With its many wonderful bridges, rich and long history, and astonishing architecture it is not surprising to know that it has over 30 million visitors every year, and between one and one and a half million visitors per month. When it comes to visiting this lovely city, the busiest month is July, and the quietest one in January. Whenever you decide to visit Venice, there will be a lot of interesting things to do and see during the trip of your lifetime. 

Bridges History

If you come to Venice, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are a lot of bridges. Over 400 to be exact. A lot of these bridges are small and are used to cross many of the canals located in Venice. The most important bridge is The Rialto bridge located in the centre of this beautiful city. If You come across the Grand Canal, you are sure to cross this particular bridge. If you are more interested in art, don’t worry. Rich and deep colours are characteristic of Venetian art that was founded in the Renaissance period. This art also reflects their interest in patterns and effects that light makes when it hits certain surfaces.

Canal History 

As we mentioned before, Venice has …

5 Venice Hotels with a Touch of Glamour

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Venice is one of the most popular destinations to travel. This wonderful city of Italy offers a glamorous hotel that will make you feel you are living in a classical period. Most of the hotel in Venice has the same colour tone that reflects classy aura. And since Venice surrounds by water, most of the hotels are accessible by boat which offers unique arrivals to the tourists. 

If you are looking for hotels that can make you feel like you’re in a Classical-Romantic movie, here are five glamorous hotels that travellers will surely love!

Hotel Londra Palace

Do you want to capture photos to achieve the sophisticated looking Instagram feed? Well, you must visit this place.

It is a luxury hotel with a view of Venetian Lagoon. It was built by the Famous Venetian Engineer named Fuin in the year 1865. With the numerous guests came to Hotel Londra Palace, the most made history was the Russian composer Piotr Illitch Tchaikovsky who stayed at the hotel in 1877.

With 53 rooms and 100 windows, it’s a perfect location for the people who love sightseeing! Furthermore, the rooms designed like you are living in the classical period with the touch of gold. 

When it comes to dishes, The Do Leoni Restaurant has the answer to elegant service in the evening, …