5 Venice Hotels with a Touch of Glamour

Venice is one of the most popular destinations to travel. This wonderful city of Italy offers a glamorous hotel that will make you feel you are living in a classical period. Most of the hotel in Venice has the same colour tone that reflects classy aura. And since Venice surrounds by water, most of the hotels are accessible by boat which offers unique arrivals to the tourists. 

If you are looking for hotels that can make you feel like you’re in a Classical-Romantic movie, here are five glamorous hotels that travellers will surely love!

Hotel Londra Palace

Do you want to capture photos to achieve the sophisticated looking Instagram feed? Well, you must visit this place.

It is a luxury hotel with a view of Venetian Lagoon. It was built by the Famous Venetian Engineer named Fuin in the year 1865. With the numerous guests came to Hotel Londra Palace, the most made history was the Russian composer Piotr Illitch Tchaikovsky who stayed at the hotel in 1877.

With 53 rooms and 100 windows, it’s a perfect location for the people who love sightseeing! Furthermore, the rooms designed like you are living in the classical period with the touch of gold. 

When it comes to dishes, The Do Leoni Restaurant has the answer to elegant service in the evening, where they offer various artistic dishes and pleasing wine that will perfectly match your chosen dishes. And in the morning? Still, Do Leoni Restaurant will provide their known Bistrot 4412 Menu for a delectable dish that is also available in lunch breaks. 

Charming House Dd724

If you are looking for more contemporary Venetian style boutique hotels, you must book a hotel here located in Dorsoduro, Venice.

It is called the Charming House DD724 that established in 2003. Each room has different contemporary designs that ideal for the exclusivity of a boutique hotel. Aside from the chic and modern vibe of DD724, you can also visit the gallery near the place such as Accademia art gallery, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, François Pinault Collection, and of course the typical Venetian canals.

Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel

If you are searching for a place that is private and far from the crowd, and you just want to relax with a luxurious lifestyle, well, this one is for you.

Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel was built in August 2016. Still new! The hotel is located in Santa Croce. It has 18 uniquely decorated rooms and suites with the touch of Venetian culture, designed with a tranquil garden that opens to the Grand Canal. It is simple yet worth it. 

When it comes to food, they have their restaurant called The GLAM Restaurant. It is hidden by the magnolia trees. By providing their signature wine set and personal service, you will surely love this stylish style.

The Gritti Palace Luxury Hotel

Just like the Palazzo Venart, this hotel will also make you feel you’re living in a palace in a classical period.

The Gritti Palace Luxury Hotel is one of the most known hotels in Venice. Its history date is back to 1475. It is located along the famous grand canal and it is facing the Basilica De Santa Maria. Unlike other hotels, the best way to go to Gritti Palace is by water taxi. It has the touch of deluxe looking interior designs.

It has a bar called “Longhi” that connects to the outside of the Riva Lounge.

Splendid Venice

Have you seen a minimalist, chic, and feminine type of hotel? Check this one!

Splendid Venice located near St. Mark’s Square has a unique water boat entrance experience. The said hotel has 165 rooms and romantic elegant for dinner. Perfect for couples. 

Every room here has luxuriously sophisticated details with the touch of silver, lilac, and brown colour tone.